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Hoffman Nick


Label: Organized Music From Thessaloniki

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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Organized Music is proud to present Necropolis, a solo recording from US artist Nick Hoffman. Nick is an active participant in the US and international experimental network, having worked with artists across the map in tours and releases, and through the activities of his Pilgrim Talk record label.

Following a string of releases on a number of labels in the past years, including collaborative works on Senufo Editions and Copy For Your Records, Necropolis showcases some of Nick’s more uncompromising yet playful work. Based on processes of analogue and digital synthesis, and featuring extremes in volume and texture, the album’s five recordings comprise a fully realised suite of contemporary electronic music.

Both modest and daring in its approach, the record does away with extraneous elements and puts the focus squarely on the electronic sounds that surface through Hoffman’s arrangements. Blasts of noise from the speakers alternate with swarms of digital needlework that scrapes the air into an icy surface and opens up our ears to the more expansive soundscapes that subsequently unfold. The titles to the five tracks betray a strong conceptual framework behind the album, while Nick’s keen sense for composition comes through as the initial bursts slowly lead towards the album’s more detailed and developed final tracks. This record rewards many repeats, and it is certain to reveal more and more of itself in the process.

Born in 1985, Nick Hoffman’s interests include: algorithmic composition, self-governing systems, and medieval music. In 2009 he founded the Pilgrim Talk record label specializing in limited edition releases on analogue formats. He currently studies computer music at the University of Oregon and has toured extensively in Japan, Korea, and the United States. Collaborators include: Aaron Zarzutzki, Mattin, Ryu Hankil, Hong Chulki, Takahiro Kawaguchi, Utah Kawasaki, Devin DiSanto, Guilty Connector, Tim Olive, and Miguel A. García, among others. Recordings of his music have been released on Senufo Editions, Intonema, Copy For Your Records and Digitalis.