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Label: Thirsty Leaves Music

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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Limited run hand-made & numbered CD in a specially designed 
packaging: thick paper folder (triptych, color-print) with disc holder.

Shanyio is the personal project of Alexandru Hegyesi, a self-taught multi-instrumentalist living in Timisoara, Romania.
He started playing bass guitar and percussion in '92 for a local folk band, Deocamdată (For Now), who released their first EP on MC in 1995. A founding member of Nu & Apa Neagră sound project (2000-), he also participates in various groups & projects mixing psychedelia, drone, folk and traditional music from his own country and has had the chance to perform in festivals throughout Europe.
"Pribegie" ("Wandering") is his 5th personal release. It features local (percussionist Thomas Almadi, winds/reeds player Călin Torsan) as well as international (Loalue & Xu from Italy) collaborations and could be described as a night-time journey attempting to bridge the gap between different eras, places and genres.


-as Shanyio:
Pribegie [2014-15, Thirsty Leaves Music (Greece)]
Bocet [2014, s/r]
Văzduh [2013, s/r]
I-X [2008, Reverb Worship (UK)]
Uscăciune [2007, s/r]

--with other projects:

-Nu & Apa Neagră:
Black Water Incantation [2012, Lollipopshop, Germany]
Omag [2008, Lollipopshop, Germany]
Eastern Space Cakes [2006, compilation, Lollipopshop, Germany]
At Gardina [2005, s/r]

-Hervé Perez & Alexandru Hegyesi: Winds Of Change [2010, Electronic Musik netlabel]
-Thy Veils: Lumine [2013, s/r]
-Daniel Dorobantu: Prin făr’ de loc în făr’ de vreme [2014, s/r]