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Chronoillogical ( Glasgow Recordings 1982 - 1987 )


Chronoillogical ( Glasgow Recordings 1982 - 1987 )

Label: Forced Nostalgia

Genre: 80s Wave / Rock / Pop / Punk


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Complete official Vazz discography: 16 tracks taken from "Your Lungs And Your Tongues" (mini-LP, 1986, Cathexis), "Whisper Not" (cassette, 1982 and re-released as FN004LP, 2011), "Breath / Violent Silence" (7", 1985, Cathexis), "Feverpitch" (12", 1987, Cathexis) and "Pearls" (12", 1987, Cathexis). 65 minutes of obscure gloom-pop.

"Somewhere between early Cure and things like Antena, I love the production on the percussion, brutal phasing and flanging, but still somehow pop."
Andy Stott

"Some of the best outsider pop music you'll likely ever hear..."

"This is a trip, a real time machine, with the early tracks recorded at The Hellfire Club in Glasgow in 1982 and engineered by David Henderson evoking an alternate teenage Glasgow w/magical/dreamy far-off melodies over drum machines and keyboards and obscure female vocals."
David Keenan, The Wire