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Penny Dreadful


Label: Bminor Recs

Genre: Rock / Pop


  • LP 180gr €15.99
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<p>Four shady figures vanish through the meadows, leaving behind a devastated town, shrouded in gloom, under a sky balancing between light and darkness. Are they leaving voluntarily or have they been forced to abandon the city? Fatally starring in a series of different stories which take place in a town called Deadwood, Penny Dreadful unfold their own views on damned love, threatening nightmares and tattered characters. <br /><br />The story continues on the inner sleeve of the CD. The clouds have moved away, making way for the caricature of a faded sun. The four figures have fled into the unknown… <br /><br />Beyond the clear musical background and their influences from the American alternative sound and the Australian indie scene, all the tracks on the album make clear that this is an authentic rock 'n' roll band refusing to squeeze into a particular pigeonhole, thus creating an explosive mix of guitar outbursts, frantic rhythms and mystical moments. <br /><br />From the first notes, the album reveals the band’s love for melodic but loaded guitars, sometimes drowned in overdrive and sometimes sounding as if they have emerged from spaghetti western and road movies, dipped in the moody sounds of vibrato and dirty noise, while the drums drag everything around them into their vortex, and the bass, solid as a rock, supports the backline of every track. The passionate vocals balance between punk and melody, rage and melancholy, performing their own secret walk through the dark paths of everyday life. <br /><br />The 12 tracks on the album are the result of the band members’ common journey, with Deadwood closing a two-year cycle of an artistic search full of rehearsals, live gigs and pursuits. <br /><br />Deadwood was recorded between August and October 2012 at Dope of Sound Studio and Peter Pan's Garden Studio in Athens. Recording and mixing were taken care of by Stefanos Douvitsas, who has also co-produced the album along with Penny Dreadful. The artwork is designed fully by hand and bears the signature of Dimitris "Sidheog" Stevis . <br /><br />The album was officially released by B Minor Records on CD Digisleeve and 300 numbered copies of 180 gram vinyl</p>