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Hotel Suicide

Rabia Sorda

Hotel Suicide

Label: Out Of Line

Genre: Electro-Industrial


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RABIA SORDA is anger set to music. On his newest outing, "Hotel Suicide", HOCICO front man Erk Aicrag has mastered the nigh-impossible feat of capturing the brute force and sincerity of his live shows on record. The songs go right for the emotional center like a fist in your face and then rumble through your body like a runaway freight train, while effectively mingling the dark heavy atmosphere of post punk with the direct and aggressive approach of hardcore and punk on a cocktail of electronics, harsh drums, wild buzz-saw guitars and straightforwardly catchy melodies. "Hotel Suicide" is 100% gut feeling, unleashed in the form of the most explosive sonic bastard of the year!

As a special bonus, the first pressing of the album will contain the exclusive bonus disc "Room 13" which includes two more unreleased songs, remixes by OST+FRONT, FORGOTTEN SUNRISE and many more, plus six energetic live tracks, recorded in Leipzig. Songs like salvos from an automatic gun: welcome to Hotel Suicide! Viva la Revolución!