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Screaming Life / Fopp


Screaming Life / Fopp

Label: Sub Pop

Genre: 80s Wave / Rock / Pop / Punk


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  • From the depths of the Sub Pop archives comes a reissue of Soundgarden’s thunderous opening salvo, ‘Screaming Life’, plus bonus tracks from the ‘Fopp EP’ and ‘Sub Pop 200’ compilation. 

  • This reissue marks the first time these tracks will be available digitally, and their first appearance on vinyl since the original, late 80s pressings (notwithstanding a long- gone, late 90s repress of ‘Screaming Life’). 

  • All tracks have been remastered by Seattle studio wizard and producer of the original ‘Screaming Life’ and ‘Sub Pop 200’ sessions, Jack Endino, who had this to say about it: “Ah, ‘Screaming Life’, Soundgarden's debut, and one of the first real records I made for anyone outside my own band. Soon after opening Reciprocal Recording in July 1986, there I was with Soundgarden, trying to make the most of our eight tracks. Somehow, we found room for all of Matt Cameron’s ‘bonus tubs’, Hiro’s primordial Fender bass, and a whopping four tracks to share between Kim Thayil's mad guitar psychedelia and Chris Cornell's still-expanding voice. ‘Nothing To Say’ was the song that made us all look at each other and go ‘uh, holy crap, how did we do this?’” 

  • Stuff started happening. A&M came calling. SST agreed to put out their next record. But Soundgarden were not finished with Sub Pop. They contributed ‘Sub Pop Rock City’, about Seattle’s then-rising ‘grunge’ scene, to the ‘Sub Pop 200’ comp, and they threw everyone a curveball with Steve Fisk-produced Ohio Players and Green River covers on the ‘Fopp EP’. 

  • The glorious vistas of a major label future awaited them. To quote Kim from an old interview, “It was karma, it was dogma, it was dog breath.”