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Destroy Everything

Nam Shub Of Enki

Destroy Everything

Label: Creative Space

Genre: Industrial / Post Industrial / Experimental


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The Nam Shub of Enki is back with his new album Destroy Everything, an arsenal of bass heavy music weaponry. Mashing up influences like gabber, electro, drum n bass and dubstep, collaborating with some of australias’ (and not only) finest like the Berzerker, Kunt, David Thrussel of Snog/Black Lung and remixing Goto80, Nation Blue and finland’s Notkea Rotta, the new album is sure to blast your soundsystem one more time like only Phill Thomson (Nam Shub) can. More varied than his previous work, slower but with bigger basses, the new album retains the elements we loved from his older releases, violently evil and brutal but at the same time hilarious and energetic. Surprisingly the album starts off with what could be described as a ballad, before moving on to more brain shattering material, extensively dancefloor tested during a six month tour in europe and in numerous gigs around australia. This is Thomson’s best work to date, DESTROY EVERYTHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!