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I 'm Not Ready For The Grave Yet

Fleischmann B

I 'm Not Ready For The Grave Yet

Label: Morr

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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Bernhard Fleischmann, or rather b.fleischmann, is dealing with some difficult topics - mortality, ticking clocks, the elusiveness of all existence. On his new album I'm Not Ready For The Grave Yet the Austrian multi-instrumentalist focuses more on the vocals, and for the first time he does all the singing himself (before he had album guests such as Daniel Johnston).

The transient nature of existence then, the fact that there seems to be less and less time to get to grips with things "yesterday we thought/tomorrow we would/today we say/tomorrow we should", he sings on the forward bouncing "Tomorrow", a track about eternal postponement. We get to follow a musician who's breaking new sonic ground with each track: at one point, he has a call & response conversation with a bunch of vocal samples, discovered on ancient language course LPs, with himself taking on various abstract characters from virtues to mortal sins. Whereas this new album is generally more about beats, rhythms, percussive elements and pushing things onward, resulting in a vibe that feels rather rough around the edges, there are also mellower tracks such as "At Night The Fox Comes" which makes for just the right balance between sonic experiment and proper song structures.