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Wizzz! French Psychorama 1966-1970 Volume 1

Various Artists

Wizzz! French Psychorama 1966-1970 Volume 1

Label: Born Bad

Genre: 60s / 70s Rock / Pop / Progressive / Kraut


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IN OPENING, the explosive "Girls is done ... to make love" Charlotte Leslie, an adaptation of "We got a thing that's in the groove" Capitol (see "Cool jerk"). The addition of fuzz and the sultry lyrics of Bob du Pac allow the version of Charlotte Leslie to far exceed the original. For the anecdote the choruses are the work of Serge Koolen who after having founded the Baine Diconc and Pitennes will become a member of the group Once upon a time ("I still dreamed of her"). Charlotte Leslie, whose real name is Rosetta Aiello, was born in Gabès, Tunisia. His Italian parents immigrated to France in the early 1950s to settle in Lens with his 9 brothers and sisters. Little gifted for studies, Rosetta began working at age 13 in a clothing workshop.

Her father pushed her to join the annual springboard organized by La Voix du Nord (1967). The competition is chaperoned by Lucien Morisse of the AZ records and sponsored, that year, by Mick Micheyl. Rosetta won unanimously with the song "Heaven of Italy" written for her by her father. She is then 20 years old. Always in search of new talents, Lucien Morisse offers him the opportunity to release his first album at AZ under the nickname of Catherine Alpha. He introduces him to Jimmy Walter, friend and lyricist of Boris Vian ("We're not here to be yelled"), who writes the texts of his first songs ("Trapped", "Your look"). This first record won a certain success thanks to a massive passage on the airwaves of Europe 1 which Lucien Morisse also deals with. A second EP appears in AZ,

His friend and successful singer Guy Mardel ("Never Knows") then suggests the pseudonym Charlotte Leslie (Leslie is the technical term for Hammond organ vibrato). Her first EP at Polydor which is extracted "Girls is done ..." contrasts with what she did before. One wonders how the sweet Rosetta has agreed to interpret this title which is a bit of a challenge in her career as a popular French singer. The reception of the title is rather heated and many radios must resolve to deprogram under the pressure of shocked listeners. No matter his career is launched. In the process, she released 2 new EP and made many tours. American star of Claude François in all France (1967), in first part of Adamo in Belgium,

She retired from the song before making a comeback in the early 80s under the name of Rosa Borg (named after her mother's daughter) but without much success. Rosetta now works on the works council of a Parisian department store and continues to write for her pleasure.