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No Way To Norway

Various Artists

No Way To Norway

Label: Oslo

Genre: Techno / Tech-House / House / Trance


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<p><span>Oslo's debut compilation CD 'NO WAY TO NORWAY', which is compiled and mixed by its label head </span><strong>Federico Molinari</strong><span>, attempts to put the focus firmly back on the DJ. </span><br /><br /><span>The special mix CD contains only unreleased and exclusive tracks from 20 of the most exciting producers in underground house and techno. And in a major break from tradition the mix album does not have a tracklist. Instead it comes with only an alphabetical list of the artist contribu­tors, which means the listener will not know which producer made each track. That's not to say that the Mannheim-based label doesn't respect its artists. On the contrary, by keeping the CD's tracks completely anonymous it allows the listener to fully immerse them­selves into the mix without prejudice. And with all of the contributors shown equal respect and disregard, the listener is more able to fully appreciate the artistry behind the mix. </span><br /><br /><span>Altogether 20 known and respected artists (mostly Oslo favourites, some new to the label) provided 18 exclusive and unreleased tracks for 'NO WAY TO NORWAY'. They are: </span><strong>Christian Burkhardt, Damián Schwartz, Einzelkind, Ernesto Ferreyra, Franco Cinelli, Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts Feat. Qzen, Ivel Tax, Johnny D, Juan Sorrentino, Skipson, Leonel Castillo, Maayan Nidam, Michael Melchner, Markus Fix, Noidoi, Reboot, Ray Okpara & Nekes and Sascha Dive.</strong><span> </span></p>