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The Side Of Her Inexahaustible Heart

Dakota Suite

The Side Of Her Inexahaustible Heart

Label: Glitterhouse

Genre: Post Rock / Avant Rock


  • CD x2 Digi / Cardboard €18.99
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Chris Hooson –“ I sent Quentin sketches on guitar and piano of these pieces and over many months quentin worked to arrange the pieces as you hear them now. these pieces took hundreds of hours of fine tuning and listening to unbelievably small sections and examining them for truth. the idea was not to play if we didn’t have to. I have always been inspired by two musical icons, Arvo Part and Bill Evans, and if they have taught me anything it’s that you MUST not play anything if it isn’t required. this music is all about the truth, the truth of who she is, the truth about what sustains me. the quiet places, the moments and minutes that make up who she is.”