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Label: From A Tree

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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"Just like any piece of fabric in the hands of a fashion designer can be transformed from a plain rug into an haute couture masterpiece, every piece of music designed by Fabrics is the result of the avant-garde tailoring of simple and complicated sounds, noises and textures. A patchwork of influences and inspirations, tailor-made for audiences pursuing sophistication. 

Although their first release dates back in 2007, Fabrics were actually formed a year earlier, in 2006, making their debut during the 4th Another Fine Project annual music stage, in Thessaloniki (as ed209 & spinnet back then). Both of them students of Dimitris Adam's Music Technology class at the New Conservatory of Thessaloniki, their collaboration came as a result of their common passion for eccentric soundscapes and rhythmic structures as well as noise. The duet set out for the electro music stage with tampered loops and deconstructed beats, followed by the release of two digital EPs and the participation in various compilations over the next two years. Since then, continuous studio experimentation and live performances in Greece and abroad have led to the release of their first • self-titled • album: FABRICS. 

The album combines electro, breakbeat, industrial, noise and glitch elements in a dark and futuristic way. Starting in a retro-idm mood, soon things speed-up, reaching remote corners of an industrial environment, to the inevitable destination, equivalent to a warehouse collapse upon the sensory organs of the listener..."