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Fontana Mix

Cage John

Fontana Mix

Label: El

Genre: Jazz / Avant Garde


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Whether one agrees with his ideas or appreciates his art, anyone interested in the culture of the twentieth century, its philosophy, sociology and history, needs to know about John Cage. David Revill. John Cage – The Roaring Silence 1992

The desire to find new sounds and to abandon the traditional role of the composer as a controlling authority were hallmarks of John Cage’s career and made him at once a revered and reviled figure in modern music. Composer, philospher, poet, graphic artist and mycologist (authority on mushrooms), the pioneering Cage used carefully structured segments of time and filled them with sound materials derived by chance processes such as the rolling of a dice or the use of the I Ching. In perhaps the ultimate and most outrageous - statement of the aesthetic, he wrote 4 33, a piece involving total silence on the part of the performer, into which the random sounds of the world enter.

John Cage s legacy extends far beyond the world of contemporary classical music. After him, no one could look at a painting, a book, or a person without wondering how they might sound if you listened closely.

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