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Label: Steinklang

Genre: Dark / Post Punk / Gothic / Neo-Folk


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The new album of the swedish Martial cult-band is out on Steinklang now! Stormfågel are well known from their brilliant two albums on Cold Meat Industry, but the third album even tops the firs albums. "Eldvakt" is a incredible mix of early Derniere Volonte and Rome with a strong touch of new Blood Axis. pure Martial PowerPop at it's very best! just listen to the mp3s below, you will be amazed! Stormfågel spread its wings for the first time in the autumn of 2004. The creator of Stormfågel, Andreas Neidhardt, acted in several Neofolk and Gothic bands since the early 90s. In February of 2005 Stormfågel released a 3-track demo named "Kinder der Vergangenheiten, Helden aus den grauen Zeiten" and was immediately signed by Swedish record label Cold Meat Industry. During the making of their debut album vocalist Éva Mag joined Stormfågel. In the autumn of 2005 "Den nalkande stormen" (cmi 149) saw the light of day. The reception of the album were overall positive and Andreas and Éva started immediately working on some new material. During this time an old friend to both Éva and Andreas joined Stormfågel; Mikael Bergström. In the spring of 2007 Stormfågel released their second album: "Ett berg av fasa" (cmi 171). This followed by two live performances. In Budapest and at that years WGT in Leipzig. At the Cold Meat Industry festival in Augsburg (17/11 2007) Stormfågel released a 4-track record called "Svenska visor" (Kultur & Politik 003). In december 2007 Éva Mag decided to leave Stormfågel. Stormfågel is and has always been about the love of nature, our history, the absence of God and the decline of mankind. "Ja må vara en wavelmakare men int en happkråka..." 14 songs / 72 min.