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The High High Nest

Hladowski Stephanie

The High High Nest

Label: Singing Knives

Genre: Post Rock / Avant Rock


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The High High Nest 10" by Stephanie Hladowski out now. Four traditional songs exquisitely sung by Stephanie with accompaniment on bouzouki, clarinet and pedal harmonium by her brother Chris (of Nalle & The Family Elan) and cello by Isobel Campbell. Sleeve artwork by Hanna Tuulikki (Nalle) and extensive liner notes by Alex Neilson (Directing Hand, Tight Meat Duo etc).

‘Stephanie Hladowski recorded the four ballads on The High High Nest while a member of the Glaswegian ecstatic jazz and folk collective Scatter. Listening to her lean, vulnerable voice, alone or with sparse instrumental accompaniment of drones and shimmers, is a directly affecting experience … the communicative power of the human voice remains a current truth - delicate power in Hladowski’s case, but nonetheless real.’ Julian Cowley, The Wire