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Label: From A Tree

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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After two years in the making and various changes at the final sound of the whole
concept, the second CD of Leaf, is finally out. This album represents a fine mixture of
cinematic, experimental and electronic music illustrated by collaborations with various
artists from Greece and England.
The mixing and production process was carried out by Leaf himself at Orange
Studio (Greece) and the mastering process was finished by Christos Tatitzikidis. The cover
artwork and graphic concept is a work of Savvas Katseas.
The name “Clouds” was chosen for this album to represent musically, what the
clouds represent to the sky. Different sounds and musical ideas mixed together to create a
new concept of sound blending and manipulation, delivering a unique emotive soundscape
to the listener. The same natural blend that occurs in the sky with clouds creating new
forms with a perpetually changing shape, yet holding the same essence.
Leaf started performing live in Greece in 2003 continuing each year to create new
forms of music, based mostly on electronica aesthetics. Currently he is a Sound Engineer
and Producer working at Orange Studio (Thessaloniki, Greece) the past two years, which
he co-owns. His experience includes Music Production on a variety of music genres
spanning from Hip-hop/Rap, electronica and rock to more classical forms. Leaf has been a
Musician for the past 21 years having received his first steps in classical musical education
by studying Piano and proceeding to evolve by utilizing the element of experimentation
both in form and in style. The past few years, he also delivers music seminars and teaches
Music technology at various schools in Thessaloniki.
You can find more information about Leaf at the following sites: