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Soma / Yannatou Savina / Siganidis Michalis / Thoidou Maria


Label: Defkaz

Genre: Jazz / Avant Garde


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The duo ΣΩΜΑ (SOMA) was founded in Berlin in 2005, being the outcome of a long artistic partnership between the musicians Antonis Anisengos and Thymios Atzakas. The duο's work focuses on the creative fusion of composition and improvisation, where links between experienced and ideal sound are constantly being formed and deformed.  <br /> This double CD reflects the two dimensions of ΣΩΜΑ. The first CD presents the close musical liaison between Anisengos and Atzakas, along with three additional trios with Michalis Siganidis. The second CD features guest musicians, Savvina Yannatou, Maria Thoidou and Michalis Siganidis, who form trios, quartets and quintets with Anisengos and Atzakas. The CDs also include two quicktime videos of a complete concert by ΣΩΜΑ with Chris Dahlgren, Michalis Siganidis, Savvina Giannatou and Maria Thoidou, held at the international music community Music Village in 2009. <br /> This is the duo's first recording, made live in Thessaloniki in Polytropon studio, and it reflects their full expressive palette: from brief and dense dialogues between the two musicians to the need to reach out into a broader community of musicians, a need which came into expression in various live performances of ΣΩΜΑ. During the last four years, a number of exceptional musicians have performed live with Antonis Anisengos and Thymios Atzakas. Some of them, such as Sokratis Sinopoulos (kemence), the Iranian Βijan Chemirani (tombak) and the Chinese Wu Wei (sheng), represent internationally recognizable music traditions. <br /> The recording has been made at the independent label defkaz (Thessaloniki) in collaboration with the organizers of the music community 'Music Village'. It is intended to signal the beginning of a series of recordings, which will promote selected projects by artists who are active in 'Music Village' (  <br /> The CD can be purchased online from the defkaz website ( and the Music Village website.<br /> More information on SOMA, photographs, unreleased recordings, videos and free downloading of one track can be obtained from