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Malaikat Dan Singa

De Dionyso Arrington

Malaikat Dan Singa

Label: K

Genre: Post Rock / Avant Rock


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Malaikat Dan Singa is a collection of throbbing, hallucinogenic, trance-inducing trans-utopian cosmic post-punk sounds from Old Time Relijun’s Arrington de Dionyso. Never one to compromise in pursuit of his twisted visions of the future of music, de Dionyso not only rattles listeners with heavy grooves but he also sings every song on this album in Indonesian. What the fuck? Arrington tells us that some of the lyrics are lifted from the poems of William Blake and passages from The Zohar. Vast tracts of the uncharitable cavernous underground is exposed in this imagined musical Pangaea by using microtones, polyrhythms, throat singing, echoplex, bass clarinet and reverb in addition to drums, guitar and bass (three of the songs on this album include the Old Time Relijun line-up). Although there is a familiar and foreign rhythm with its mixture of post-punk and Gamelan tendencies, Malaikat Dan Singa is really Future World Music. Maybe it will be used to sell transportive vehicles in 2369. Or a DNA replacement cream. And you can dance to it.