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Cabaret Syndrome


Cabaret Syndrome

Label: Caustic

Genre: Dark / Post Punk / Gothic / Neo-Folk


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This release is a must for fans of Spiritual Front, Argine, Rome, Calle della Morte... and similar acts and – as often with releases on Caustic Records – HIGHLY recommended!


Oniric is an Italian duo born in 2005, composed by Carlo and GianVigo. Their first artistic meeting brought quickly to the spontaneous and direct composition of ethereal and dreamy inspired music, merging Carlo's sad chords and blurred dark sound with melodies and sonorous elucubrations from GianVigo resulting in a nostalgic and intimate vein of sound in their early recordings. After a very long and intense time of live activities (with the steady collaboration of Simona Giusti in recording sessions too) and several radio broadcastings, in the beginning of 2009 the duo signed with the Caustic Records label in Spain. The dreaming path through the 'Cabaret Syndrome' release has begun… This first album by Oniric is a melodic research in a nostalgic dress, touched by a penetrating, decadent veil. Apocalyptic and futuristic- /retro- atmospheres mix to open celestial gates. All carried out with folk reins along forgotten times...

1. Once upon a time in the cabaret
2. Blessing
3. Un gris bord
4. The echos of the sky
5. Leather fire
6. Space farewell
7. Ophelia´s portrait
8. L´autre
9. Last temptation rescue