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Still Gramophone

Still Gramophone

Still Gramophone

Label: Cliche

Genre: Post Rock / Avant Rock


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Πρόκειται για το ομότιτλο άλμπουμ του Still Gramophone, μια σειρά από τραγούδια (και instrumentals) όπου το δημιουργικό sampling συμβιώνει αρμονικά με την οργανική ενορχήστρωση. Η Nina Simone, ο Chet Baker, ο Ιάννης Ξενάκης και άλλοι είναι οι "εξ αγχιστείας" συνεργάτες αυτού του ιδιαίτερα πρωτότυπου δίσκου.

"What started out as a bedroom project evolved into the bedtime blues.
You take a few parts of some of your favourite jazz and avantgarde
artists. You take your guitar. You write a song or two. Ideas start
going around your head. It then becomes a game of us. What more? A
cellist, a percussionist, a pianist, a bassplayer and you won't stay
home anymore. It won't matter if the rainy little cloud still follows
you around. Or even if it sounds like your were climbing on a
shipwreck. You now play the bedtime blues along with a beautiful
voice. You are still gramophone."