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Noyce Tm


Label: In-d

Genre: Electro-Industrial


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2 Years ago the press celebrated their amazing comeback album "Coma", the DJ played the music and not seldom people compared the band with Depeche Mode, based on NOYCE™’s brilliant ideas in their sound and melodic compositions. NOYCE™ understand to produce music with the charme of an eighties pop- song, re(de)fining it with their very own typical soundstyle to reach almost perfect modern and independent songs, where melodies become hymns! Un:Welt is an excellent example how ElectroPop music can (should!) sound in the year 2009. NOYCE™ are without a doubt one of the most underrated project in elegant Electro for years and despite the success of their previous albums, the quality of their songs ask for a much wider and bigger attention.

1. Freiheit
2. This World
3. Tagwerk
4. Inschallah
5. Un:Welt
6. Half Life
7. Our World
8. Karolinko
9. The Holy Crusade
10. A Long Way Gone
11. Un:Jahre
12. The Last Effort