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Circus Devils


Label: Happy Jack Rock Records

Genre: Post Rock / Avant Rock


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yes followers of all the van we finally get our wish and work with musicians who inspired the kick start of this cottage label, the circus devils are in the caravan. shall we fill you in with the usual abstract pop skronk jive turkey words? h.p. lovecraft meets devo on ataxia, circus devils’ new collection of moonshine revelries and musical trips by torchlight into the mist-shrouded fields and forests of ohio (aka: land of mystery).  robert pollard and the tobias brothers treat us to an intoxicating blend of jagged, insistent rock and uneasy lullabies. formed in ohio in 2001 by robert pollard (guided by voices), circus devils creates albums rich in atmosphere and imagery, filled with ferocity and gentleness. their previous album, sgt. disco, was released on ipecac recordings.