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Party Lovers

Schwartz Damian

Party Lovers

Label: Net28

Genre: Techno / Tech-House / House / Trance


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5 years producing electronic music, 3 years releasing and working with the Madrid platform Net 28 (Apnea, Bemysheep, CMYKmusik, Cyclical Tracks, Mupa and Pulpa), which he incorporated to after meeting Alex Under, with whom he shares the Musica Charlista project. Damiαn Schwartz is the responsible too for the youngest record label of the family Net 28, Mupa. As a producer Damiαn inclines towards avant-garde, developing multiple musical concepts turning his music into something original and unique. Surprise, jazz, harmony and melody are the common factors in Damiαn΄s solo productions, though never loosing sight of the dance floor. The concept as the most important matter in his universe: images, ideas and sensations giving shape to the concept, and the music as the courier of that message, filling the space as the water fills everything on its route. Raw secuences, daily samples, strong patterns, frantic rhythms, innovation, inspiration... Techno as you never really heard it. 1. Get Into 2. Dos Dias Despues 3. Lo Que Sube Baja 4. In The Mood 5. Tito Estuvo Aqui 6. Carolina's Favorite 7. Continuamente 8. Piece Of Anything 9. Ordenes De Arriba 10. Raw 11. Were You There