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Dead Science


Label: Constellation

Genre: Post Rock / Avant Rock


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Seattle-based group The Dead Science are set to release their strongest work to date, a new album called Villainaire, on Montréal-based imprint Constellation. They will tour tirelessly in North America and Europe from May until October 2008, with the album set for release in late Summer. The songs on Villainaire range from epic orchestral pop to sinister jazz-rock to weary, soul-bleached balladry. Sam Mickens writes about "moral pragmatism and experimental moral nihilism, black-out drunkenness and its psychic and emotional repercussions, and the continuum of baroque fantasy and stark reality" - all delivered with inimitable, seductive, and at times disturbing operatics. The band does provide some respite however, with the short, tremulous ballad Lamentable, and closes Side One with the insistent march of Death Duel Productions. The band stretches out a little more on side two, with a couple of dark slowdances lending the album's second half a more introspective but no less intense vibe. Villainaire was recorded and mixed by band member Jherek, and features contributions from a number of guest players, including Shudder To Think's Craig Wredren and Celebration's Katrina Ford on additional vocals. Throne Of Blood (The Jump Off) The Dancing Destroyerâ Make Mine Marvel Monster Island Czars Lamentable Death Duel Production Wife You Holliston Black Lane Sword Cane Clemency