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Limbic System Files

Nubox / Dj Illvibe / Hr-bigband / Ed Partyka

Limbic System Files

Label: Enja

Genre: Freestyle / Nu Jazz / Funk / Afro


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NuBox are said to present the music of the future. Jazzy trumpet lines and driving dance grooves were their trademarks back in the eighties already when this band set the scene for the acid jazz movement -- then still under the name of Blue Box. The three of them played hundreds of concerts in Europe and Asia and performed at international festivals in Berlin, Delhi, Istanbul, Jakarta, Montreux, Mumbai, Skopje, Thessaloniki, Zagreb and many other cities. After a recording break of 10 years the trio returned in 2004 under their new name nuBox and with a very electronic, computer-based new release, "Sonic Screen". While promoting "Sonic Screen" with a series of live gigs, nuBox started a stage cooperation with Berlin-based DJ Illvibe, a well known collaborator of Seeed, Lychee Lassi and other current projects. An active part of the electronics scene, the turntablist is also strongly connected to jazz, being the son of German free jazz piano pioneer Alexander von Schlippenbach (Globe Unity Orchestra). The band's album feat. DJ Illvibe, "Next Twist", documents a daring journey into unknown realms where jazz, dancefloor, computer and underground meet. Now the four of them are ready for the next adventure, and this is an unusually big one. Extending and translating their unique musical concept into the sound dimensions of a big band, Alois Kott & Peter Eisold take the band to a totally novel, very modernistic approach in electronic/acoustic jazz -- one that could be called "BigBand-Tronics". Inspired by NuBox's computerized grooves and DJ Illvibe's turntablistic sound fragments, composers Kott & Eisold and orchestra leader/arranger Ed Partyka open a new world not only for the hr-Bigband, one of the finest jazz orchestras in Europe, but for orchestral jazz in general. Light years away from what we used to call "big band music", these blowing parts, circling around or heavily pounding, suggest the beginning of a new genre. The celebrated highlight of 2005's German Jazz Festival in Frankfurt, brought back to festival stages in 2007, is available now as a high-quality studio production. Prepare yourselves for "Limbic System Files", a surprising synthesis of jazz improvisation, industrial grooves, DJ sounds and challenging orchestral music. Welcome to the 21st century! Reiner Winterschladen trumpet Alois Kott bass, el.bass, electronics Peter E. Eisold drums, electronics DJ Illvibe turntables hr-Bigband arr. and cond. by Ed Partyka Tony Lakatos sax Julian Argüelles sax and others in the orchestra