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La Parade Monsteuse

In Strict Confidence

La Parade Monsteuse

Label: Minuswelt

Genre: Electro-Industrial


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The curtain rises for a parade of the glamorous and fascinating freaks, that celebrate the dark side of life in a morbid cabaret.




In Strict Confidence are back again. Rough, edgy and more elaborate than on their previous album. It took three years to finish the work. And they used that time. What has been indicated by „My Despair“ has been led to perfection with „La Parade Monstrueuse“. Welcome to a world beyond the mirrors. In Strict Confidence have collected various fragments - not only of their own musical history – like shards of a mirror to put them together to a new entity. That cabinet of mirrors is full of surprises between old familiar and new where you will get lost completely. Dark romantic melodies with their unneglectable rhythmic roots in Electro, ascend far beyond imagination. Many hooklines will burn themselves into the brain, and they won’t let you escape while the legs are starting to dance. Fragile, multilayered arrangements perfectly reflect the atmosphere of that parallel world and are opposed by rough guitar chords. With „La Parade Monstrueuse“ ISC demonstrate again their exceptional position. They create their own sound space build with darkwave elements, driving rhythms, harsh guitars and playful synthlayers. Above all, the dark and raw voice of Dennis Ostermann is enthrowned and guide as Confroncier through that glamorous world. A world that also contains some be- witched moments, like the vocals of the new singer, Nina de Lianin. Her voice is as well a counterpoint and at the same time addition to the ISC sound space as the new guitaris HayDee Sparks. The record is topped off by the extravagant artwork of „La Parade Monstrueuse“. Let yourselves abduct into this beautiful, fascinating parallel universe. All the waiting was worth while!