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Koray Erkin


Label: Survival Research

Genre: 60s / 70s Rock / Pop / Progressive / Kraut


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Pioneer Erkin Koray may have been the first Turkish rock artist, he and his band reputedly playing Fats Domino and Elvis covers in 1957; by combining rock 'n' roll and Turkish
traditional music, he spearheaded Anatolian rock and became the leading Turkish psychedelic practitioner. East-west hybrid 'Elektronik Turkuler' was an innovative concept album marrying
rock with Turkish trad; in contrast, the 1976 release '2' is thoroughly grounded in Turkish traditional music, the understated delivery holding just a touch of psychedelia and a proto-disco undercurrent in the mix, as heard on tracks like 'Estarabim', 'Arap Saçi' and 'Timbilli.'