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Wake The Sleeping Dragon!

Sick Of It All

Wake The Sleeping Dragon!

Label: Century Media

Genre: Stoner / Punk / Post Metal / Industrial Rock


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To SICK OF IT ALL aging doesn't mean slowing down or getting softer - the contrary is the case for the New York hardcore punk legends. Because they're a band that thrives on frustration. On 'Wake The Sleeping Dragon', they had a more open, communal, tongue-in-cheek approach. Many different topics were covered, some way more light-hearted than others. It's always time for revolution, so that message is loud and clear. It's about musical heroes like the Bad Brains, inner demons, animal abuse, social media narcissism, friends they've lost, life on the road, impending wars for resources, as well as mosh pit patterns that can be linked to male pattern baldness. They've allowed ourselves greater lyrical freedom on this record for sure.