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Pagan Day

Psychic Tv

Pagan Day

Label: Sacred Bones / Dais

Genre: 80s Wave / Rock / Pop / Punk


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What makes the songs, or rather versions of songs, so unique is the primitive and fragile nature of the arrangements while the flimsy, immediate vocal delivery makes the album sit unknowingly between demo and fully realized album. “Baby’s Gone Away” and “New Sexuality” are just a couple examples of songs that fans of Psychic TV became intimately familiar with from live experiences, but on A Pagan Day, they are released in their infantile stages with no full band, just Alex & Genesis finding their way through the songs with an acoustic guitar, drum machine and organ. “Cold Steel” shows a true peek behind the curtain, sung effortlessly by Fergusson and would then later become the classic standard “The Orchids.” Most notable is the band’s cover of Pearls Before Swine’s “Translucent Carriages” of which P-Orridge accords special praise to Tom Rapp, the song’s original author and icon to both P-Orridge and Fergusson.</p>
<p>· Official reissue of the 1984 album<br />· Classic Legendary conceptual audiovisual group formed by Throbbing Gristle co-founder Genesis P-Orridge and Alternative TV’s Alex Fergusson Collection of early demos and sketches by P-Orridge and Fergusson<br />· Vinyl has been out of print since 1986<br />· Includes the bonus track “Farewell”
<p>Coloured vinyl.