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Cameron John


Label: Trunk

Genre: Soundtrack


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<p>A timely repress of the 1973 score to this British cult biker classic AKA The Death Wheelers. Originally first issued in 2003 by Jonny Trunk, this jazz rock soundtrack masterpiece has become a valuable LP, people paying up to £80 on the second hand market.</p>
<p>Here it rides again, with music direct from John Cameron’s master tapes, with new reversed black, red and white artwork to differentiate it from the first press of 14 years ago. Hell yeah!</p>
<p>This is a true cult classic – with zombie bikers, George Sanders (his last film before he killed himself out of boredom), Beryl Reid, Joe Columbo furniture, a frog, brutalist architecture, stone circles, Triumph motorbikes, Nicky Henson, teen gangs, The Living Dead, The M3 motorway, all with music by a British jazz outfit headed up by one of the great progressive jazz / library composers of them all – John Cameron.<strong></strong><em></em></p>