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Label: Uovooo

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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The album “Popp” started as a concept album. Not in the way you think, though. It was neither meant as a POP record nor as “the Markus Popp signature album”. At first, “Popp” was all about playing around. And about changing the musical outlook from the earlier hyper-detailed, improvisational Oval style to straight-up sequencing, oldschool glitch tricks and...beatmaking!?

“Working on these new “club tracks” was like going from cucina povera (my 1990s student-budget glitch style) and hi-tech fusion cuisine (post-2010) to feeling like a vegan who just stumbled into a barbecue seminar.” M. Popp

But it worked. And all this playing around quickly turned into a deep dive. The result: “Popp” is a relentless, euphoric love letter to a musical utopia: Kaleidoscopic and soulful, optimistic and grandiose. No matter if you choose to trace the many exhilarating, meandering melodies (“RE”, “ID“), or if you prefer to dance to the housy information overload of “AI” and “LO”, “Popp” is simply a joy to listen to.