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Late Great Fitzcarraldos

Late Great Fitzcarraldos

Late Great Fitzcarraldos

Label: Fake Diamond

Genre: Freestyle / Nu Jazz / Funk / Afro


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The sound of The Late Great Fitzcarraldos is like sand between your toes. Bittersweet love songs paying homage to Otis Redding, Brian Eno, John Cale and Luther Vandross. This is sophisticated melodic luxury music for a generation that has the history of music up their sleeve, but really just want to meditate. The Late Great Fitzcarraldos is a Danish trio consisting of Tobias Buch-Andersen (vocals and Keyoboards), Jacob Funch (Guitar and vocals) also known from I Got You On Tape, and Jakob Millung (Bass and Vocals) - also in the band Choir of Young Believers. The Late Great Fitzcarraldos are (…) a volatile gas, which appears to have found temporary peace in a house built by Roy Orbison, Phil Spector and Motown Berry Gordy only to be blown up with love in slow motion by Brian Eno and some of the other colorful producers from the 80s. The trio who records and lives in U.S. and Denmark write elegant luscious songs that make you dream away to a country where there are cocktails coming out of the taps, wall-to-wall carpeting is woven of marijuana, and a Caribbean sun washed in pastel colors 24-7. The most accurate description I can offer is perhaps Hawaii as a naive narcotic illusion. The eponymous debut album is a headstrong eccentric oasis where edges are turned into curves. But the ideas, whether a harmonica on a long voyage, a comatose saxophone section or the recurring stiff-legged rhythm box, keeps the listener alert. And then Tobias Buch, a brilliant soul singer, in the midst of all this. As shown it can be highly addictive.” So far they released an EP in Denmark and toured with Efterklang.